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  1. My point was simply that Ultimaker printer owners have an inherent right to software that works near flawlessly with the (expensive) printers that they purchased. Others just using free software do not. Having the others be the one to beta test and help flesh out bugs is fair in my book. The versions shipping with Ultimaker products should not be bleeding edge, they should be well tested, stable with LTS.
  2. I agree. If Ultimaker only made consumer grade printers, the bugs and inconveniences would be more tolerable. But not for pro gear like the S5. Perhaps they do need a pro version and an open/consumer version.
  3. True, in that case I do see your point - and I agree. A friend just bought an S5 and it is very expensive. Not unreasonable to expect 1st rate software to go along with it.
  4. @bigbrit - except that this software is free to use for ANY printer, not just Ultimakers. I considerate it generous that they are willing to offer it for free to competitors hardware. You have many other options besides Cura so I don't see your point.
  5. Whoops, I had downloaded the Lulzbot edition by mistake. Now have the real 3.5. Please disregard previous post
  6. I just installed 3.5 for Mac. New user, trying to figure it out. I don't have Ender 3 as a machine choice - am I missing something (plugins, configuration files, etc)? I am ultimately trying to learn how to print directly using USB, and use a control interface for jogging and manual extrusion, etc
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