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  1. Just got home from work to check what the memory usage would be like if i enabled the camera and found that the memory usage had already increased to 1.4Gbyte. I was printing last night and the filament sensor tripped so the print paused. I just turned off the printer but Cura was still monitoring the print as a paused print. Aborted the print through Cura the memory usage is still going up but very slowly. When using the Camera the memory usage was going up very fast up to 8gig in about 1/2Hr. It still seems to be related with the monitoring of the print.
  2. No Sorry will do when I get home from work this afternoon.
  3. Without the camera, as you asked.
  4. Hi, Have run a couple of prints and the issue has gone, no excess memory usage. Thanks Steve
  5. Thank you, I will test and see Steve
  6. Hi, Since installing Cura 3.6 I have found that it has a very large memory leak, I have disabled all plugins excepy octoprint and auto orientation, and I am find that after a print memory usage keeps going up until my PC (Windows 10) becomes unresponsive. Cura using about 8gig of RAM. Was previously using 3.5.1 and have never had this issue with Cura before. Any Ideas Thanks Steve
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