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  1. I am 100% sure the problem I am having is not caused by extra friction. I just ran a print and the flow sensor triggered pausing the print twice when there was only a foot or so of filament stickup out the back of the printer with no spool involved. I took the everything apart, feeder, bowden tube, every last bolt and part laying on the floor cleaned and reassembled. I will see maybe tomorrow or Thursday if it fixed the problem. There was a bit of dust in the feeder box, but not a lot. The tube was clean. Nothing was on the sensor. At this point if I had to venture a guess I have a
  2. Last night I ran a couple jobs that were about an hour. One I mentioned above stopped. If I tugged on the filament it moved fine but there wasn't enough on the spool to really need the spool so I pulled the entire thing off. You can see that in the photo in my previous post. The next job ran fine. I'm about to run another job and see if the flow sensor actually works when the filament runs out. Assuming that all works then I will follow @kmanstudios steps.
  3. Note that this is a tangent issue about the spool holder and non-Ultimaker filament: I have been running a Taz 5 for years and more recently a few Ultimaker 3 Extendeds and now the Ultimaker S5. I really like the Verbatim filament, but the roll is too large for the spool holder. Attached are photos you asked for. I made a roll around enclosure for the Taz so now it's on the lower shelf which is very inconvenient and will move once I cleanup a few other things in the garage. The last photo is a comparison between the Ultimaker filament that works, and the Verbatim filament that does
  4. It just happened again right before my eyes with the spool holder arm in place. I thought it had done it before with the arm. There was no unusual tension or friction on the spool that I could tell. I suppose it's possible that the arm caused the filament to bind in the little hole. I'm really surprised that nobody has experienced this and that nobody thinks it could be a faulty flow sensor.
  5. Ultimaker PLA, I've been printing mostly with the blue lately. When I first got the printer I printed a couple rolls of silver, orange and then blue. I think there's something to the binding issue Smithy mentioned above. I will try a few test and report back. I've been printing all morning with the spool holder arm for position 1 in place without issues. Maybe I thought it was random and that's all it is. I hope that's the case 🙂
  6. I tend to run into a lot of things that others don't. None of my friends have run into these issues either. I use the additional arm sometimes, sometimes not. I personally don't like it. It doesn't fit non Ultimaker filament and it's rather clunky. I have been following all the directions and using Ultimaker filament and using the print arm (most of the time) butI haven't noticed a difference as it has paused the print even with it on.
  7. I have wondered the exact same thing. Often times I see the filament has moved from print head 1 to print head 2 spot on the spool holder. I used a clamp to hold it in place but this didn't help. If this is the case, then this is a problem with the spool holder because I am using only Ultimaker equipment and filament. Are there any suggestions for better spool holders? I have to say, I am very unimpressed with the Ultimaker filament spool holders and have been tempted to replace it as I did on my Taz but figured there must be something I'm missing.
  8. My issue is is related to this issue but not identical and nothing posted to that thread has solved my problem. I have a new Ultimaker S5. Whenever I print a largish print, the S5 will pause the print occasionally because the filament flow sensor detected the filament is out when it is not out. If I continue printing sometimes it continues for a long time sometimes for a short time. If I swap out filament with the same roll it goes a bit longer usually. If I swap it out for a new roll it usually completes. I have noticed this happens more often when the filament is half emp
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