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  1. just tried with cura 4, i think work perfect (not tried because not printer here, only generated gcode and find several m117 in right point). thanks me also cannot find a way to install...
  2. Hi all, there is a way with cura 4.0.0 for display a message like "printing layer x of y" ? i find a plugin but seem pretty old.... Any new plugin or solution ? thanks marco
  3. i'm on a 12h print, after i'll try. the part in my image is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3409714 if someone wanna try. I'll check later
  4. i tried but did not work... did not stip in that point the support. In a "normal" support point it work. I think is related to the holes... but cannot find solution.
  5. Hi, i see this problem also in other slice, in cura sometimes there is support column when no need, this is an example: in this case the problem is the stringing effect between the real 3 part and the "no need" support column between... How i can manage this? I got same problem also with other part, in similar condition, 2 hole near each other but i do not want cura make it, it useless.
  6. no problem. in this way is better because i see the printer display panel so i can rotate part to better view print from my chair
  7. solved, with "process explorer" fro microsoft i see cura open an stl file in C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.0\resources\meshes , i replaced the file with mine and oplà:
  8. Sorry for my English I mean, in the interface I wanna have not a simple round plate (I have a delta printer) but I wanna import an stl of my printer to have an eye of printed part inside. This is useful for better understand position of objects from my eye, to better rotate It and see difficult printed part better.
  9. Hi all, there is a way to put stl file in cura to have on screen object inside printer? i use it to better understand orientation. thanks
  10. any info about moving from beta2 to stable ? need to change or remove something ? will mantein configs ? thanks
  11. you need to install side menu plugin . is this from first beta no one understand why they choose this layout.
  12. i'm using freecad, yes try to male "part union" before stl export, often you get a different (normally better) result. i made in this way: save project, make union, make stl export, close without save project
  13. I see but I don't see any solution. I'm wrong?
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