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  1. same issue... i think this is a very stupid thing.... i do not understand how anyone can cosiderer this a good way to create a prime tower.... this is the cura stupid prime tower (the obj is only orange in this layer but cura use also lot of orange material) this is a normal prime tower from a less stupid application...: (this layer is only red... in prime tower a bit of red material only need to continue vertical path of prime tower). sorry, very difficult to undestand this... developer say in this https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/5282#issue
  2. HI all, anyone find some problem with conical support in 4.3 ? i tried to generate support for a simple model but i'm unable to create a conical support. Same part, cura 4.3 , standard support (no conical) ok same part, cura 4.3, tree support ok same part, cura 4.0, conical, standard and tree support always ok someone tried ?
  3. very helpful, last print was predicted 4h33m and real 4h30m !!!
  4. just made a print, after putting in the "printer settings" plugin same value for speed, acceleration and jerk from configuration.h and a 70 min print was 71 min... so this is another way to solve i think
  5. uhmmm... i preferer to stay with actual settings becasue with others software i have not this issue. I think to use siggestion from @DivingDuck and try to put in "printer settings" addon same value of speed and jerk from my firmware... si if cura have same value i hope will calculate same time...
  6. hi, i have same printer and same issue.... time is totally wrong. last was 85 min predicted and more than 140 min real.... also there is not a profile and every time i need to rebuild because EVERY upgrade cura tell there is something wrong with profile...
  7. Tried to make conical support with no success with 2 different (and pretty simple) part, when i enable conical support, all support disappear completly, without conical support are ok (but a lot...) Standard value 30° and 5 mm, 50° ovehang With the 2 same parts, same values and same custom printer no problem with cura 4.0.0
  8. yes is a stupid thing... use a mash for printer is useful to see front and rear printer so i can rotate and see when it print particolar critics zone...
  9. i found more bug with 2 material and cura, i found (ONLY ON 1st layer) after print with material #1 start with material #2 without prime it on tower (i have an y bowden with 2 motors and 1 nozzle) so i have a lot of dirty material. Cura dev say is a feature........
  10. Hi all, i have an installation of cura 4.0.0 fully working, no issue. I wanna check cura 4.2.1 .... can i install side to side on same pc the 2 versions ? i must be careful with some step ?
  11. sorry i did not understand. Yes, i have an anycubic kossle plus, the cura application is from official site. The profile i do not remember where are from (but i think to have make it manually). When i try to upgrade i loose configuration, and i cannot restore from backup because application tell me is a wrong release. I wrong something ? did not press reset either did not delete any folder.
  12. hi, are you checked my file ? thanks
  13. This is configuration folder. When i upgrade to 4.1 i lost every configuration, so i downgrade to 4.0 and restore from backup. Ij this okor there is an email or other reference where i can send zip file ?thanks PS i have a anycubic kossel plus with 2 extruder and 1 nozzle with a bowden Y splitter. thank again 4.0.zip
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