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  1. I tried that using my cad software(dsm) but it did not work. What CAD software do you use?
  2. Yes, that fixed it. How did you do this?
  3. Not this much. Load the stl file and look at it.
  4. I created a model using design spark mechanical and sliced it with cura. When cura slices it the build plate shows the shadow of the image on the build plate way larger that model. The part is only about 30mmx30mmx100mm but shows on the build plate to 30mmx100mmx200mm. gcode created prints as expected. But if I scale the object to a littl larger to 40x125x125, cura will not slice it because it is larger than my build plate. I tried viewing the stl file with several views and now show why this happens. I don't know if there is something wrong with the stl file or if cura is hand
  5. In reading some other posts on the forum someone said to save the project so all settings would be saved. So I attached the project file showing the problem. After slicing, open select preview and there will be a line around the perimeter. Simply changing layer height or initial layer height for .30 to .301 or .299. It does not seem that any other value other that .3 causes this problem. Why is .3 such a problem? CE3_Buttons8ch-2rounded-square-bad.3mf
  6. I am fairly new to cura and 3d printing so I apologize if the problem is obvious. I have an stl file that when I slice it I get a layer in the middle (somewhere about 60 layers in) that is very thin, maybe empty but the model shows it solid. I can see this bad layer in preview with cura. My layer height is .3 but if I change the layer height to .301, the bad layer seems to clear up. It looks like simply changing the first layer height to 0.301 will also fix it based on cur preview. I have attached a zip file with the model stl, the gcode, exported config
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