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  1. Hi @marcottt, I was checking your configuration folder. What I see is that running 4.0 with this folder I already get "Configuration Errors", because apparently you have an Anycubic Kossel Plus loaded, but we don't have this printer definition by default in Cura. Probably you got it from another source or you are using another cloned version of Cura that includes this definition. If I upgrade to Cura 4.1 or Cura 4.2, I don't see any problem except the aforementioned one. So the Version Upgrade works well in my computer. The only way to lose all your configuration is either deleting the folder manually or clicking in this "Reset" button. In case you pressed that button, a backup is stored, so you can always recover from it. Please let me know if this is the same behaviour that you see.
  2. There is a 4.2.1 version available in our website (https://ultimaker.com/software/ultimaker-cura). It should fix the issue. Please try it and let us know.
  3. You can go in Cura to Help > Show configuration folder, then it opens the explorer and shows a folder indicating the version of Cura you are using. You can zip it and send it to us.
  4. The Cura team is now working on fixing a couple of bugs related with the error checker and the Z Hop Speed for the Creality 3D printers. We found the problem and we plan to release a hotfix ASAP. Keep you informed. Thanks for all the feedback.
  5. We are working on it right now. We found the problem and we plan to release a hotfix ASAP. Keep you informed. Thanks for all the feedback.
  6. @marcottt, the update from 4.0 to 4.1 (or 4.2 in the future) shouldn't delete your config files. Maybe if you send us your 4.0's files, we can try to take a look and see what the problem is. It will help us to catch possible errors.
  7. As you may know, we don't create or maintain the profiles for the 3rd party printers. People from the community does that. In this specific case, it seems that something can be wrong with the profiles of the Creality CR-X. If you create a ticket in our GitHub (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues), it will make your case more visible and people from the community can help. Other good idea is to share a project file (File->Save), so we can see if the problem is with this printer's definition or a problem in the core of Cura or CuraEngine.
  8. In the plugin itself there is a check whether the current version of Cura is between the maximum and minimum that is set in the plugin. In the current version of the OctoPrint plugin it states that minimum supported version is 3.5 and maximum supported version is 4.0. So the plugin is loaded correctly in Cura but the plugin itself refuses to load. This is a check that @ahoeben adds to all of his plugins, instead of rely on the SDK version (personal decision, I guess). I've already sent and email to him informing about this. Thanks for the report!
  9. Hi Sassw, what do you mean with "fails". When open the "Add printer by IP" dialog, and enter the IP, then click "Add" you should get information of your printer, then click "Connect" Which step does it fail? Could you check if the IP you are adding is discoverable in your network (ping)? Which printer are you using? Again, what do you mean with "fails to do anything"? Does Cura freezes? Please give us some more info.
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