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  1. thanks for the suggestion. tried that, did not work...
  2. thanks for the reply! while something i will definitely try out, i feel it doesn't reply to the question as why all inner walls should disappear? - this IMHO is a bug in cura, since there should be sufficient space and material left to slice walls in the inner of the body after a slight horizontal expansion...
  3. Hello community I'm printing a thin walled airplane with parts from thingyverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3205608/comments). The problem I'm having is that some small holes (on fuselage_2) are printed too small. If tried everything I could think of to reduce the retraction blobs and everything, but they still are too small. Now one approach I was gonna try was to set "horizontal expansion" to a negative value. But doing this makes all the inner structures of the model disappear (same thing as if I leave "union overlapping volumes" checked). Can anyone tell me why this happens and what I could do against it? The profile and pictures and are attached (one with horizontal expansion, one without). Thanks and best s. shiftyCuraProfile_expansion.curaprofile
  4. wow, that works! very quick and very helpful! thanks @smartavionics
  5. Hello I’m trying to print a plane wing from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3205608 i’d like 3 bottom layers and no top layer. the rest of the print should only consist of 1 lined walls. so basically the whole piece is just wall print, except for the bottom 3 layers. the problem is: cura adds bottom layer lines to every layer. the result is this as in the picture named "wrong" if i set the bottom layer count to 0 then it is correctly sliced like in the screenshot named "no_bottom_layers" but obviously that’s not what i want… i've also attached the profile i'm using for the print can anybody help with that problem? Thanks in advance! shiftyCuraProfile_thin_walls.curaprofile
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