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  1. Sorry didn't say it right, its ABS. With PLA i have nice results overall
  2. Layer height: 0.1 or 0.2 mm i cant remember but I use both Extruder temp: 235 Print speeds: all around 30-45mm/s Flow %: I am guessing 100%? I didnt find it nor change it in my Cura settings
  3. While printing and sometimes afterwards I see those little scratches I can call it but I doubt it's caused by nozzle scratching the print. What are these and how to get rid of them? (Mostly seen near the edges of the print)
  4. Lately I pritned something out. On flat surfaces of it there is this very annoying pattern that sticks out and isn't really flat as it can be clearly felt that it isn't one layer. Photos below. What can I do to get rid of it? (Both can be seen at big part as well as the top part)
  5. Well only thing left to try is decreasing temperature but I also did that as well, it still doesn't help. Are there other causes of that? temperature of bed for example? I have it at 90, is it ok? Also from where do I get the problem with brim at the top part?
  6. I have a problem with my ABS prints. First layer looks like the one on the photo. I have a heated bed davinci pro printer and I use 240/90 degrees temperatures (nozzle/bed). What can I do to take care of the bubbles as well as the side "lift-ups" of the brim?
  7. Ok, so basically that was the issue. Pretty easy to understand now why there was underextrusion. Thanks for help still
  8. Okay I found out that for some reason when I was writing all the details about my pritner as it is in "custom" ones, option for the filament diameter didn't show. Now it was set to 2.85mm while I use 1.75mm. I will try now and see what I get and update here.
  9. So I did the cube with original software and apparently it got printed out very well. That is why I am curious why I get those prints right now. Comparing doesn't do much, they look the same, just differences in the way of printing like other shapes of infill etc. I need to know why there are holes like these and how to get rid of them as from beginning I already took care of the overextrusion e.g. on the corners and the sides so that's one thing.
  10. So basically, I started using Cura 4.0. Using almost the same settings, now I get results like this (last one I cut in half to see the supports as the print is empty inside):
  11. Also, the build is pretty weak and I feel like I can easily squish it and destroy it
  12. I lately started using Cura 4.0. I use it on my daVinci printer and what I came across is this print that is showed in attachments. I also included the settings I used for this print. What can I do so that it prints the best it can?
  13. Oh I just saw that there is Cura 4.0, thank you very much, I will try with the new one and update if the problems still occur
  14. So I started using Cura 3.6 and I came to some problems. Generally I was using my XYZware for printing and all as I have DaVinci printer. But you can still export the g-code and then print with the settings you like and I changed it because in XYZ there are not so many options as there are in Cura. Yet, I happen to have problems with prints and I don't know why. I attached some photos of a 2x2x2cm calibration cube. Using XYZ it prints very well and there are no round corners or anything wrong at all. But when I use Cura, even at exactly the same settings, prints came out like the one in this post. What can I do to make my printer print normally again?
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