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  1. I would think that if it did not recognize that it had something loaded it would not extrude at all. The flow sensor would just trip and tell you that your material was out?
  2. I would just go get a new core how ever the machine was only about 3 months old when the issue with the print core started happening. I am trying to get it warranty replaced, there is no reason a core should go bad after 3 months of lite use. I barely have to change nozzles 6 months on my machines at home and they are considerably less expensive. After I changed out the core the machine has run for about 21 hours now with out throwing an error. So I am fairly sure that the core is the issue, at least in my case. And we have looked at the 3Dsolex, what I love about those are that they can be rebuilt. I think when we have to replace the next core we will go with the Solex, at least that is what I am going to recommend.
  3. Normally I would agree with you on that, however I just got this print core back from Ultimaker. We sent it off to them to have them clean it, because even after I cleaned it it still would not work so Ultimaker wanted to try and clean it. When we got it back it ran fine for about 40 hours then it started to do the same thing again. While it was out at UM getting worked on I ran one of our other 0.4mm AA cores and it just kept trucking. This morning I finally aborted the print to change out the core because it would run for 5 minutes then it would stop throwing the error, I even did 9-10 hot pulls on it and about 6 cold pulls to make sure that it was clean. Every time I would restart the print it would push filament out normally so that tells me it was not clogged, if it were it would not be pushing anything out? however after changing the core to the spare it took off and printed without an issue and has not had any issues. I have been on and off the phone with our re-seller trying to get this situated it would be interesting to see if this core would re-produce the issue on another printer.
  4. We have also been having this same issue with our S5 that we purchased in December. The machine says it is out of filament but there is a full spool. I have been able to trouble shoot the issue with some luck. I believe that the issue is actually in the print core. We have a few different print cores, when this issue started we contacted our re-seller and made arrangements to send it back for service. They cleaned the nozzle from what I understand, while the this core was out for repair / cleaning I ran one of our other 0.4mm AA cores without any issue. After we got the repaired core back I switched back to that care to make sure it was working. It worked fine for about 40 or 50 hours but then started throwing the same error again. I then switch out the print cores again and it has been running perfectly without any incident. After this issue initially started I checked the extruder and the flow sensor connections and everything checked out fine. At one point I even disabled the flow sensor, to see if it would have any affect on the error. It of course did not throw the error but the core began to under extrude and then just stopped extruding, all the while the extruder kept trying to push the filament and ground the filament generating quite the mess I had to clean up. There is no way that the spool can be dragging I have it on a spool holder with bearings so it is very low friction. At least in our case the only thing I can guess is that the thermistor may not be reporting the correct temp causing the filament not to flow correctly. I have contacted our re-seller again and going to try and have this issue further diagnosed. If you have a different print core you may want to try swapping them out and see if this resolves the error you ahve been getting.
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