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  1. I'm using Cura 4.71 on Windows, and using an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus with its latest firmware. I'm trying to print an object using a .8 nozzle, because with a .4 nozzle it would take over 24 hours to print, and there isn't much detail in the object. I normally print with a .4 nozzle and a wall count of 2. But i unintentionally reset the wall line count to 1, saved the resulting job and printed this object. When looking at the object afterwards, I noticed that the infill pattern was very visible, and after checking the Cura settings, I realized that I'd set the wall line count to 1. Ot
  2. All, I have an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, and I'm running Cura 4.10. I manually added the settings for the printer into Cura. Below is a picture of how my printer looks when I'm in Cura. How do I determine where the front of the printer is, so that I can orient my objects to the front? When I print objects that have definite front, back and sides, like a statue or a bust or a animal, they print out facing in random directions. They might be facing off to the side of the printer, or to the front or back of the printer. It's random. I'd like to orient these objects on the bu
  3. Hi Marcott, Can you point me to a tutorial or other resource on how to beet use the M600 command with the Anycubic printer? From what my research turned up, there are a number of parameters that need to be included with using the command. It started to look kind of complicated to calculate the value for the parameters. That's why I had wanted to see if any of the various plugins would work. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies, very helpful 👍👍
  5. Hi Marcott, No, I haven't tried the M600 command, but I'll try it and see how it goes. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Hi Rowiac, Thank you so much for your answer to my question. It's very easy for me to understand and follow. Based on your recommendation, I'll definitely give Fusion 360 a try. Hi Kmanstudios, your suggestion seems a bit advanced for me at this point. But I'll do some research on it and see if it works for me. Thanks
  7. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 that's running Octoprint, which is connected to my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus. I found a case on thingiverse that I want to use, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1771908, but I want to mount it to the 2020 frame of my printer. In order to do that I wanted to modify the case stl file to add a mounting hole on either side of the case. I've attached a picture of what I want the mounting bracket to look like. I'm new to both Sketchup and TinkerCAD, but can anyone recommend how best to do this? I've done some Googling, but just haven't found anything to help me with do
  8. I'm using Cura 4.1 on Windows, and using an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus with its latest firmware. The printer is plugged into a Raspberry Pi 3, running the latest version of Octoprint. The printer has a single extruder and I want to try out multi color prints. I tried the "pause at height" and "filament change" post processing scripts with no luck. With one of the scripts the printer will beep and pause the print head, but after I change the filament and tell the printer through the Octoprint interface to resume printing, then the print head swings and hits one of vertical rails of the pri
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