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  1. Dear Nallath, Thank you do much for this thorough answer. I certainly wasn't expecting this amount of detail. I have been looking into ahoeben's (fileofview) Octoprintplugin, especialy how he accesses the PrintMonitor part. However, since I'm unfamiliar with the inner workings of Cura, it raised a lot more questions, which is why I reverted to not "reusing" Cura's internal features, but just redrawing GUI elements in the MonitorStage and feeding it with values. Needless to say, that's apparently not the way to go 🙂 @nallath, thank you so much a
  2. Dear Cura plugin community, I would like to build an addon, with which I can display the printer's status and printbed temp within the "Monitor"-Tab. So far, I can query my printer via Wifi and get a json-style response via QNetworkRequest. However, since I am unfamiliar with Qt and QML, I am having troubles parsing this data to a Label within MonitorMain.qml So far, I have: MonitorStage.py: class MonitorStage(CuraStage): [...] def Response(self, reply): [...] response = json.loads#Here I get the json from the printer I'm having a har
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