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  1. No, I never really fixed it. After replacing the bearing and aligning all the axles it got better than before. Printing at 20-25mm/s instead of 30mm/s also helps. I think there is just too much momentum on the small Y axis bearing but don't know how to fix it. With a new bearing, alignment, and printing with an outer wall speed of 26mm/s the y axis walls don't look amazing, but acceptable I think.
  2. I almost printed on top of another print because there were 2 print jobs in the queue. Still prefer being more careful over having to dismiss the message every time. It would indeed be nice if it was possible to dismiss the message in cura. However you can't always see the object on the build plate if the object is short on the ultimaker 3 extended. Maybe with utlimaker 3 it is always visible. A warning without the camera might be good enough.
  3. I found a solution that worked. In the file: /usr/share/griffin/griffin/printer/procedures/print/printProcedure.py Add "cleanup_step = False" after line 103 (cleanup_step = arg.get("cleanup_step", "True") == "True") cleanup_step will be always false now regardless of what it reads in the configuration file. There should be 8 spaces before cleanup_step, 2 tabs won't work. Optionally you can also add "allow_reprint = False". This disables the reprint message after aborting a print.
  4. That would be a very useful feature indeed. I have over 30 profiles and it gets really difficult to organize them.
  5. I think it was definitely not a great design choose to change one of the long double bearings to a short single bearing. Still not sure if there is something wrong with my ultimaker 3 (and from polygonfuture) or all of them since it's not that obvious on a lot of models or filaments that aren't shiny and dark. Maybe something in the alignment puts more force on the bearing which makes the problem worse on some ultimaker 3's. I also attached another test model, this one doesn't need a specific profile but can be printed in the default 0.15 normal settings. vertical artifacts test.stl
  6. Thanks for test printing the model! Does the x and y axis look exactly as smooth in your model? it's kind of hard to see on the photo. On my model the y axis is more irregular than the x axis. It's not as bad as normal corner ringing. Except on the benchy for some reason. I made sure all the belts are tight, and already replaced the y bearing inside the head and the rod. After making sure the axis are perfectly square the y axis was slightly better. Here is a photo with a bit less exaggerated light, after realigning the axis and changing the bearing. I als
  7. I bought a second hand ultimaker 3 extended and noticed it has some ringing or inconsistencies in the y axis. The wall along the x axis looks smooth, but the wall along the y axis looks really rough. Shiny black exaggerates the imperfections, but you can also feel the roughness with your finger and it is visible in other colors. The walls are printed with the default cura profile with a 0.4mm nozzle and 80mm/s speed (30mm/s outer wall speed). Printing slower makes it less pronounced, but even if i print at 20mm/s outer wall speed the y axis looks still worse than the x axis
  8. Unfortunately the modification does not work. The clickwheel led keeps blinking and the printer won't boot. After removing the extra value the printer boots up again. The printer has the latest firmware ( I do understand the importance of the warning, especially for more chaotic places like schools or workplaces where more than 1 person is using the machine. But for me it is only an extra step that makes my workflow more difficult and time consuming.
  9. Hello, Is there any way to disable the print removed confirmation message on the ultimaker 3? I never forget to remove my print but do forget to press the confirmation message sometimes, as it takes some time to appear. And the next print i send via wifi won't start after i press the message. Maybe there is a way via ssh to disable it? Or at least a way to confirm it remotely?
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