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  1. Thank you @gr5 for your responses! In terms of what you mentioned earlier, I aligned all the axes before and it didn't seem to help with this issue. I am using a laser cut piece of equipment to check the perpendicularity between the rods and it seems to be alright. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your responses! I am attaching another picture showing this issue which skewed prints. All the prints are always skewed in the same way. You can see that the walls across the line number 1. are stretched, they do not follow a circular shape, hence, the section is thicker where the line crosses the print. The walls across the 2nd line are just fine. For a bigger print this results in two splits across the first line if circles are being printed. I am not sure how this could be related to underextrustion or the flow rate. Thanks!
  3. 1) It is happening also further from the glass. 2) Yes. 3) It looks exactly the same along the whole circumference. 4) It is 0.8 in CAD, printing with 0.4mm nozzle. It seems to be too correlated with location to consider underextrusion. Seems to be something with alignment? Thanks
  4. @gr5 Apologies for the poor pictures. I am adding a new picture better showing the issue. That's what I meant by the 'split' which is a bit stretched by my finger. The walls of the circle are a bit skewed with respect to each other. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a weird issue on my ultimaker 2. When I print a circle consisting of 2 walls those walls are slightly off as in the attached pictures. The first picture shows walls which are split, this occurred pretty much only in this area. The rest of the circle was fine. On another Ultimaker I have this is even worse. Thanks
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