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  1. There is a component I am printing in high volume and I have recently made the change from PLA to NYLON because of NYLON's strength. However, when I print the supports for this NYLON structure using NYLON I find the supports almost impossible to remove. Because of this I have tried printing the supports with PLA. However, the NYLON doesn't seem to make an important connection to the PLA. Does anyone have any recommendations for printing supports for a NYLON print?
  2. Thank you so much burtoogle... your solution worked well. I don't want to get into the weeds, but what is meant by the "model normals". Thank you!
  3. The attached model has a 6.35 mm circular indentation that won't print on the UM3E when facing down. I haven't tried to print in inverted (indentation on top) but would like to avoid that solution (not to say it would even work) since it will require additional supports, etc. Icosahedron_Vertex_withHole.stl
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