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  1. Thanks to all who replied to my question. I checked the connectors to the fans. They were OK. Next, I verified what the Cura settings were for the cooling by exposing other parameters in \Settings\Configure setting visibility\Cooling. The 'Regular Fan Speed at Layer' was set to 4 as a default. So, I made the following changes to the Cooling settings: Fan Speed = 100% Regular Fan Speed = 100% Initial Fan Speed = 100% Regular Fan Speed at Layer = 1 With the changes to the Cooling settings, I was able to successfully make the print. I noticed that the front fan did not turn on at all and the LED on the AA core always stayed blue. There was no apparent effect on the print though. Not sure it is normal behavior or not.
  2. Thanks for the advice about the fan connector. I will check it. Just to be sure I understand what you are saying, are you referring to the procedure described in https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50882-replace-the-axial-fan? The core has less than 500 hrs on it.
  3. The PLA filament stops feeding after a few minutes of printing. I would like your opinion on what the cause could be. My guess is: 1) filament gets too hot in the core causing it to expand too much and ends up jamming in the core's cool section, or 2) heat cuts out for some reason during the print causing the filament to cool too much in the core. The UM3 setup I am using is shown in 00-setup.png. I am using the 2.85 mm PLA filament. Print temperature is 195 C and print speed is 70 mm/s. Fan speed is 100%. The filament stops feeding near the end of the first layer. See 01-layer1-actual.jpg and 01-layer1-Cura.png. When the filament jams, I cut the filament before the feeder then pull the Bowden tube containing the filament section off the UM3. A photo of the filament section in the core is shown in PLA-filament.jpg. Other observations: 1) the front fan often is not turning, 2) the LED on the PLA core starts off red and then goes to blue. Not sure it cycles between red and blue. Thanks for any help with this problem.
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