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  1. Thanks a lot! That solved the problem! You're absolutely right, the name is very misleading. Best regards, 0x5f3759df
  2. Sorry! I didn't know that! Here it is: CFFFP_Cura-Bug-No-Shell-Above-Support_6_5.3mf
  3. Hi, I've noticed the issue that sometimes Cura generates infill above support instead of shell. I tried to reproduce this issue by modelling a very simple part with different dimensions, which shows that the issue seems to dependent on the size of the area above the support. If the area is small Cura does not generate a shell, if the area is bigger it generates a shell. I attached some screenshots, the STLs and the G-Code. I would appreciate if somebody can give me some hints how to solve this issue. Thanks in advance! Best regards, 0x5f3759df
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