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  1. Ok - Been away for a while guys but thanks for all the info - After some trial and error i finally got the problem sorted - once i reverted back to 4.2.1 the problem with the nozzle diving into the waste pile has disappeared and is now behaving as it should. As for the issue of temperature - i have now created a custom profile on the printer to accept the temp i set - so all good. And for any ones information the Verbatim PLA is amazing.. very good clean prints and at a great price to
  2. New owner here so please go easy on me - Ive only had the printer a week, i decided to try Verbatim PLA white (fancied a change from the UM Silver Pla that was installed at purchase). Having all sorts of trouble under extrusion etc.. Cura Update to 4.3 Offered Firmware update which i opted to do (hoping this would correct said issues). Ok this is were it gets interesting. Since firmware update i have noticed the following changed: Start print -> Head zero's in back left -> bed rises -> head moves to front left -> 50mm of extrusion fast then it slows down.... Now here is my issue, previously the head would move towards the print areas and at the same time raise the bed to meet it, thus maneuvering away from the heap of waste PLA. Not any more - the bed raises and positions the head bang in the pile of PLA and drags it into the the build area. I also have absolutely no control over the nozzle temp which the machine likes to set at 230c which is making the VERB pla bubble.. (too hot). Is there any way of correcting this or at least giving me some control over these issues - or maybe even being able to restore the old firmware back TIA Paul
  3. Any help with this would be great Ultimaker 2 Extended + & Cura 4.3 (also tried Cura 4.2.1)
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