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  1. Ok - Been away for a while guys but thanks for all the info - After some trial and error i finally got the problem sorted - once i reverted back to 4.2.1 the problem with the nozzle diving into the waste pile has disappeared and is now behaving as it should. As for the issue of temperature - i have now created a custom profile on the printer to accept the temp i set - so all good. And for any ones information the Verbatim PLA is amazing.. very good clean prints and at a great price to
  2. New owner here so please go easy on me - Ive only had the printer a week, i decided to try Verbatim PLA white (fancied a change from the UM Silver Pla that was installed at purchase). Having all sorts of trouble under extrusion etc.. Cura Update to 4.3 Offered Firmware update which i opted to do (hoping this would correct said issues). Ok this is were it gets interesting. Since firmware update i have noticed the following changed: Start print -> Head zero's in back left -> bed rises -> head moves to front left -> 50mm of extrusion fast then it slows down....
  3. Any help with this would be great Ultimaker 2 Extended + & Cura 4.3 (also tried Cura 4.2.1)
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