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  1. hi, i wrote gcode and upload to cura to print with ultimaker 3, but it shows" printer setup disabled, gcode cannot be modified", any solutions?
  2. have anybody tried to print extremely small object? i try to print a tube with 4mm diameter, 0.1mm thickness and 4 cm in length. but it cant print out. i am wondering if there is a size limitation?
  3. thanks guys i give up connecting repetier with ultimaker now, instead work with the gcode file and load back to cura....
  4. thanks i was hoping to edit with repetier, the software is striaght forward, i can see line by line...but cant connect, so i work your way. thanks.
  5. Hi, i am trying to edit gcode to control my printer, basically i just want the printer head keeps extruding and i have another platform to make it print on something i want.... also for study purposes, i like to see how printer works controlled by g code line by line etc. i have downloaded repetier host, but cant connect to the printer....
  6. oh, my plan is to edit the gcode to control the 3d printer, that's why i download the repetier, any suggestions?
  7. i want to send the gcode to the printer and see the printer moving......any way to do it with cura? or other software? thanks
  8. i am trying to connect repetier host to ultimaker 3, but can't connect them. 3d printer connection should be fine, since i can print out stuff with cura. i am wondering is it possible the problem is the port? I connect with IP address and port (80). any help?
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