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  1. My company is a props and scenic company in Orlando and we currently use a CR-10 S5 using Ultimaker Cura 4.0. The program and the printer are robust however I've noticed the printer has been pausing itself over and over. All I need to do is press ' resume print ' but this has cut productivity a bit. Would you happen to know to solve this bug? @akohut
  2. I am currently printing with a CR-10 S5 and it keep pausing randomly through out a print. When it does pause it will go to the home axis and will display on the screen ' Print Paused '. Another bug the printer is experiencing is it will have filament errors and pause itself and return to home axis. I can resume the print no problem with these 2 bugs but the point of having this high end printer is to let it keep running unabated. I've been printing with Cura 4.0 and have not changed default settings. Is there a way around thee bugs? Please help.
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