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  1. Thanks for looking at this. UMS5_conical cup aero arm with chamfer.3mf
  2. I'm thinking it may be to how thin the structure is but why doesn't Cura create supports for the ring around the cone? First image is of layer 1. Notice the Skirt doesn't extend around the entire part. Second image shows layer 3 - the first layer with the ring around the cone. What am I missing? Never mind why the part was created this way - I'm just the printer. 🙂 (I sent feedback to the designer already). Thank you for your help.
  3. Using the S5 Pro bundle we are finding blobs and streaks of the previous filament color appearing in a new print. Is this to be expected? We're a bit surprised that the old filament color isn't "cleaned" out by this time in the print. Previous filament was Filamentum ASA, current filament is Ultimaker TPU
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