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  1. The other big change we made was getting a windows laptop connected to it instead of the Mac.
  2. I asked and he doesn't remember which of the dozens of changes he made would have fixed the issue. Apparently I was doing a lot of things wrong, as expected of a newbie to 3d printing, using a printer that has very little documentation. One of the things he said was that I needed to be using "expert" mode so that I had access to all the settings instead of the few default ones.
  3. I believe I got this one solved as well. Now I am having bed adhesion problems. My leveling tests have come out fine, but actual prints are having issues. Trying different brim/raft settings. It always fails in the same spots so I am thinking I am just a fraction off of a good level as well.
  4. Issue fixed. I had a friend come in and show me what was happening. He corrected a setting (i don't remember which one now).
  5. It is trying to move it in the direction of the tower. Makes a chattering noise once it reaches the belt stop and keeps trying to move towards the tower. And thank you for replying.
  6. i can successfully print a bed leveling test. i have successfully printed some stl files. any file i slice from an obj file fails to even start printing. some stl files fail to start, some start fine. i am using the same slicing settings. help please.
  7. New to 3d printing... I currently have both the offset and layer start x and y set to 0.0 On every model at the end of the print the printer tries to put the nozzle into the tower, this also happens if I cancel a print job before it starts printing. The models are centered on the plate just fine. am i doing something wrong?
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