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  1. Can we count this as a bug or perhaps a suggestion for improvement? It's pretty useless like it is now...
  2. I have searched a while to see if anyone else has reported this, to no avail (guaranteed not an exhaustive search). I have two printers installed (and working) under Cura 4.5 running on MacOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). In neither case are the machine settings resizable, making it very difficult to edit before & after gcode. Am I missing something or is it just me? Thanks.
  3. Problem (if you want to call it that) solved. I could see no reason to have prefixes on the gcode files because I push them straight to the Pi with your wonderful plugin. Thanks!
  4. If this has been addressed elsewhere, just say "RTFF" (forums) and I will. The Octoprint plugin has been working wonderfully pushing gcode files to my Octopi. Could not be happier. I added anew printer and Pi with an additional instance of Octoprint to my network and a new printer profile. I connected them and cant print without issues. One question: The filename that the plugin uploads is now prefixed with "MSMV2E3D_" whereas on the other printer, it is prefixed with "1_". Is this something I can change? If yes, how? I have looked and not found anything yet.
  5. At the risk of being active on too many forums simultaneously, a work colleague of mine (MUCH younger) was waxing rhapsodically (insert other, more over-the-top term here) about your creation so I have been searching high and low for it. Iread your other post and will follow whatever guidance you have for me. Now that I have read the whole message, I know what to do. Thanks for all your hard work here.
  6. Happily running Cura 4.2.1 on a Mac (OS X 10.12.6). Using Octoprint on a Pi for a year or so and learned about the OctoPrintPlugin the other day. It does not show up in my Marketplace as I searched and came across this thread. Per a post above, downloaded "OctoPrintPlugin-v6.0.0-2019-07-18T12_32_22Z.curapackage" and dropped in onto Cura. Got the popup that it would be installed on restart. Restarted. Looked into Cura.log and found the following entry: Deleted all of what had not been installed (.../Library/Application Support/cura/4.4/plugins/OctoPrintPlugin/*).
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