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  1. Thanks, EM4. I've requested new Bowden tubes and couplers from my dealer.
  2. I have a new UMS3. I have tried printing dozens of jobs. Anything under four hours prints nicely, but it has never printed for more than five to six hours without pushing the Bowden tube out of the drive assembly. I have tried different models, different speeds, and different temperatures. I have removed the Bowden tube and trimmed the end. I have tried a different spool of filament. The elapsed printing time is different with each failure, but never less than five hours. The failure is at a different layer each time. There is no grinding on the filament. It will complete two copies of a single model, so long as the print time is less than about five hours, but when I add a third copy of the model to the build plate it fails. Failure time is usually around five hours, give or take one hour. It does it every time and with different models. I'm using black Ultimaker Tough PLA with the AA .40 print core. The nozzle is not jamming. When the Bowden tube pushes out, I can manually feed the filament with my fingers and it extrudes through the nozzle with very little pressure. My reseller has not been helpful. Any suggestions? Gordon
  3. I'm a hobbyist tinkerer, and I'm selling my UM2+ so I can upgrade to a UMS3 to begin working with soluble supports. My UM2+ is well cared for and in great shape with new Bowden tube, new .80 and .40 nozzles, new PTFE coupler, and a BuildTak spring steel magnetic bed surface (this is a nice upgrade). It is incredibly reliable. Once a part is dialed in with the slicer, it prints perfectly every single time. There is a small chip out of the bottom rear corner of the right side panel, cosmetic only and not really noticeable (see photo), and a few of the LEDs are out. I print with it almost every day; I'm now printing 12-15 protective face shields per day to donate to hospitals. The light blue face shields in the pics were printed over the weekend with the .80 nozzle and .40mm layer height. They take 1:10 each to print. The gray face mask was printed a few days ago with the .40 nozzle and .20mm layer height. Both colors are Matterhackers Tough PLA. $1,500. I'll pay for FedEx 3-day shipping anywhere in the continental US. Feel free to call me at (too oh ate) - for won too - 99 six niner if you have any questions. I'm in Mountain Time. Gordon
  4. Thanks for the tip! I will try that. I'd still like to know if a flow rate adjustment of 140% is within the range of normal, or if I have something else going one.
  5. I have a UM2+ (upgraded from a UM2) that prints beautifully, but with the .80 nozzle, I have to set the flow multiplier in Simplify3D to 140% to get past underextruding bottom and top layers. I'm using 20mm/second speed and 0.40 layer height. I have never been able to get a print sliced in Cura because I can't adjust the overall flow rate up that high. Is this normal, or is it compensating for a problem somewhere?
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