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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply @Torgeir, I really appreciate it... The folks & Ultimaker with Cura on Youtube certainly have the Print-Simulator as can be seen in Cura 4.5 beta release today! join the bug hunt before the official release & on Ultimakers own youtube channel, Ultimaker: How to use the layer view in Ultimaker Cura, & Mentioned on Github as an incompatibility with the graphics driver of this laptop, which means if there is no updated drivers or any updated drivers still not compatible, I will not have the Simulator on the machine
  2. I have no luck with Ultimate Cura 4.5.0 as the Layer preview does not show the Play-Simulator button in Win7 64bit laptop... I cannot find a Print-Simulator in Slic3r... Surly there is at least one that works as should...
  3. In the marketplace, there is a plugin called Barbarian Units that converts imperial to metric, I wonder if it will work vice-versa...?? HTH...
  4. Hi all, I hope you are all well... I am using a laptop, no separate keyboard or mouse... In the rotation, I can only rotate on the red axis & not the green or blue axis In the preview after slicing, there is no option to play the simulator, whereas it should be at the bottom-middle of the screen... If I import a model that was designed larger than the settings for the printer bed to use, it will not let me resize or rotate to angle it across the corners to fit... Can you please advise if any settings need to be changed
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