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  1. Thanks for your replies! I did found a way to clean the print using stitching feature in Cura. By the way i used 1.0 nozzle with 1.6 layer width and it looks and works out fine for my purpose. It took 6.5 hours to print a +- 400 round x 400 height 🙂 Will post another photo once perfected! Cheers!
  2. `Hi there Is there a possibility in Cura to complete sections of a print before others. I would like to finish the rocket fins sequently to obtain better results. This is basically my second print and it is done with vase mode, as you can see from the photo the last portion of the rocket fins are affected by stringing/travel? Sorry i am still a novice to this :) also is there a way to control print speed for sections as well?? Thank you!
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