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  1. Should and/or would it be advisable to upgrade my stock build plate on my ender 5? I am looking at glass beds but I'm not sure about it.
  2. I will use SD cards from here on out and see if the issue persists. Thanks!
  3. So I started printing the right hand side arm. I sat patiently and waited to see when the pause would happen. It actually happened twice. At approx 39m30s in, it paused and I quickly pressed the knob and it continued. It completed another pass and stopped again. This is when the message went away on the display. I will attach a photo of the location that it pauses. You will see the point at which there is a small curly Q.
  4. Here is the file. I don't see the tools icon on my screen. CE5_Arm_LH_Remix1.3mf
  5. I get to layer 3 and within about the first 1/4 of the layer, the screen on my ender 5 will say wait for user. It will continue to print for a little bit then it will stop. If I don't press the button on it quickly the print will be ruined. CE5_Arm_LH_Remix1.gcode
  6. Can this glue stick be used on the stock magnetic build plate? Is it only necessary on glass?
  7. Using Overture Petg. Trying to learn how to use it without modifying my stock printer. What is causing these rough lines?
  8. I havent bought any Petg filament yet but was wondering if anyone here had any info on basic upgrades other than the bowden tube. I understand that the stock bowden will degrade with the higher temps that Petg requires. My hot end will go to 20 so I think I'm ok there. I guess I'll just buy some and play around with it. Thanks!
  9. I have an Ender 5 and have upgraded the Bowden to capricorn tubing. What other mods are needed on this printer to be able to reliably use PETG filament?
  10. This is a problem I'm having with my Ender 5 and CURA 4.5. Nothing I have tried works. I'm interested to see if you can get it to work. Good luck!
  11. I'm using an Ender 5. I don't know how to get the firmware version though. I bought it roughly a year ago and haven't updated it.
  12. Adding filament change script after pause at height did not work. The machine paused for 2 seconds and resumed automatically.
  13. Ok...so I sat there and watched it. It did just as it had before. Maybe I will tell it to also do a filament change...???
  14. I am in the process of doing a test print, a 10x10x2 square. I have it set to pause at layer 5 and cool down to 100c. I will post back with my findings. I will also be extra cautious not to touch the control panel.
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