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  1. Hello everyone! When i slice a modelin Cura for some reason when you look at it in preview it started to have gaps in parts of the model. I use Cura 4.6 and my 3dprinter is a Monoprice Duplicator 6 (rebranded). I linked some screenshots of a few different parts that show the problem and also linked .3mf project file. Let me know if i can do anything else to help thank you! Chest_Mimic_Toothy.3mf
  2. Ok so i just changed all those settings as well and i'm go to do a test print to see how the change affect the print.
  3. Thankyou! I'll change those settings now and i re linked the file let me know if this one works. Chest_Mimic_Toothy.3mf
  4. Sure! Thankyou! here the 3mf File and a .stl also im sorry for late reply Chest_Mimic_Toothy.3mf Chest_Mimic.stl
  5. oh! i'm sorry that's my bad that black is a black pen i ran over the top of the print where the issue where cause it was hard to see it with the straight white filament i'm sorry about that.
  6. I use PLA and i have noticed any filament stuck to the nozzle and if the filament was burning wouldn't it have issue on the sides of the print as well?
  7. Correct the area where the slicer shows gaps (always seems to be on the top of the model) is where issue happen on the print and I have a duplicator 6 and nozzle size 0.3.
  8. the best way i can explain it is that the layers aren't fully forming! It happens with every model. I checked X-Ray vision, nothing is red, and I'm wondering how to fix it? and mesh check said it was all good.
  9. The top layers don't seen to be printing right, there are gaps in the print right at the top layers by the sides seem to be perfectly fine.
  10. Iv been trying to 3d print Minis for my DND group, but no matter what i try it seems like Cura generate the top layers of the print. I was wondering if anyone could see what setting could be changed in my profile that could help get a better outcome?
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