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  1. I went through many debugging steps with Ultimaker support. No software defect, we rolled my firmware way back. nothing was found to resolve the wife problem so I am having a new board sent to me.
  2. I just updated to 8.1.2 and it did NOT bring back the wifi option.
  3. Did you just upgrade to 8.1? I still have not resolved the issue.
  4. Hoping that somebody from Ultimaker will see this message and test their ticket system. For me it seems that it does not work. I have submitted two tickets and the order number it gives you comes back as invalid number when you search it. The first ticket, after I never heard a thing from Support after five days I contacted my dealer who usually provides the support in this region. They never got the ticket sent to them. When I went to check the system for status it says invalid. That ticket was 00807522. I just created another ticket and 00808317 and it says invalid number. I see other posts on the forum of people saying that nobody is responding to their support requests. Thanks -p
  5. Thanks Dustin. Will do.
  6. follow-up. Machine connected via ethernet but wifi option still off by default and not able to tap toggle to turn on.
  7. I am guessing the latest update broke wifi? My printer won't connect. Wifi toggle is now defaulted to off and the toggle to turn it on is grayed-out and un-selectable, option to setup wifi is also un-selectable- entire box is gray. Scrolling down below the option for Ethernet is still active. It was connecting just fine last week. -restarted multiple times. -checked the wifi this machine connects to is up and running S5 with Material Feeder Firmware 8.1.1
  8. Sorry, yes its the S5 using PLA and PVA.
  9. Second time this job has failed. Both times seem to run into some sort of data error but failed at different stages. This one was 80% complete. Any ideas. Not getting any data errors in the Cura software. Thank you for your help as always! -p
  10. Found the answer to this question. You can manually heat up a print head to a designated temperature. For any temperature over 60C, the fan should turn on. Mine did not.
  11. Struggled for two days trying to understand why neither print head would feed (both brand new) then learned the front fan is critical to not allowing the whole print head to get too hot and cause clogs. Material would feed on load but then start to bind at the rear feeders. I found excess PCA material at the top entrance of the BB print head. Finally connected it to the fan which was somewhat dirty with lint. I have cleaned it now but it does not seem to spin when the print heads are in heating mode. Is there a diagnostic mode I can run to turn on the front fan so I can determine for sure this part has failed? Thanks! -p
  12. Thanks Smithy, I did try that but electronics don't really need sleep, a power off might let some power holding on the circuit board or the power supply to dissipate but that's a matter of minutes at most. What I ended up doing was a turning off wifi then doing a factory reset. Only then would it find the firmware update on the USB drive and it installed fine. I re-setup the printer and have a print running now. phew. thanks for you help.
  13. The machine did restart on its own and after being on the logo screen for quite a few minutes went to this screen where it has been for about 15 minutes.
  14. Thanks, I actually followed those steps before and have tried again, but it seems stubborn, it really wants to download the version on the Internet. If you see the attached screen you can see it says "downloading" also the light on my USB stick in the phone does not blink with any activity.
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