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  1. Thanks, it works this way! I was just wondering if there some easy way to say "please print first three layers with extruder one and then the rest with extruder two". But this is also not that complicated. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, we have Ultimaker S5, meaning dual extrusion printer. Is there a possibility in Cura to stop the print at specific layer, change the extruder and continue with the other nozzle? What I found was how to pause the print/make changes within one extruder (Extensions > Post processing > Modify G-code). I just wasn't able to find if I can easily jump from one extruder to the other at spacifil layer number or I have to make more models and merge them. Thank you for your advices!
  3. Thank you for your answer! The original model was created in TinkerCad, meaning the resolution is really low, so this shouldn't be a problem. Setting color scheme to "line type" is really helpfull, thanks for the tip! It seems the problem is with the travelling: It is vissible, that the printer shortens the way where it travels on few spots - and those are actually the spots where we have problem afterwards: Any idea how to make the printer to take the same path every time? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I have a model of two round objects connected with line. But for some reason the line is printed with much higher speed than the two other object which with higher z-profile the printer doesnt like. Any suggestion how to equalize the printing speed in the model? I feel like I have already tried everything 🙂 Thanks! Zuzana
  5. Hi, we bought Ultimaker s5 and while switching it on and installing for the first time it asked for the build plate material. As we wanted to print on glass, we chose the glass build plate. Now we would like to switch for aluminium, unfortunatelly we are not able to find how to change the buildplate in settings. Could anyone please help? Thanks Zuzana
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