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  1. How the hell did that get checked? Damn cats....
  2. Recently reset to a clean install of Cura 4.7.1, long story. Not sure what's changed now. When I slice a ring, the preview, and the printed part, are a filled disk. Nothing that's a hole will stay a hole.
  3. That was it! Thank you. And now seeing it, that makes perfect sense. I am not familiar with the mesh tools so I'll dive into those today. And, for the record, I moved the model down like that to print two halves and glue them together. (I got lazy and didn't want to export another STL of half the model). That is what my garage floor looks like. You got a problem with that?! 🙂 (My wife does...)
  4. burtoogle, I have the same problem, initial layer is expanding, but I have set the expansion to -0.25 and the xy_offset settings in my gcode files say -.25. I tried setting my initial layer really thick, thinking I was too low and squishing out the PLA, but it still expands the first layer. I can see it in the preview so it isn't a hardware problem, Cura is telling the machine to do it. Any other idea's on how to stop this expansion? Don Face Shield.3mf Face Shield.gcode
  5. Very good! Not many have figured that out over the years. Being a vintage BMW man myself ('73 R75/5), if I find it within me to accept advice from a mere Honda man, I would look into those settings first chance I get. (I've owned two Goldwings, '75, '82 and my Uncle has a '17 trike at the moment.) I like your '78 the best.
  6. Greg, that setting worked great for a week or so. Not sure what has changed. I'm still using -0.25 Shell / Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion and now the elephants foot is back. Any other setting that would override Shell / Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion?
  7. What setting do I need to change to get this to stop happening on the first layer of everything I print? It messes up my dimensions when that face needs to fit with another part.
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