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  1. I gave up on that profile and messed with the standard a little to get a faster print. Seems to be just fine now using the attached profile. Soggys Standard.curaprofile
  2. Its only on this box... Here is a tower that came out fine.
  3. Sorry for the late reply I been working A lot of OT 🙂 anyways, attached is the .stl file Single Control Panel v2.stl
  4. It is very very thin and yes it only takes a a few min to clean so I guess ill stick with it. What's weird is I do a stringing tower and there is no stringing and the tower is exceptional BUT when I print the box in the photo I get the hairs. Is there a profile out there I can try similar to mine?
  5. Hello, I have a profile that I cant figure out why I'm getting stringing. This basically happened since I had to enable "Fill gaps everywhere" because my walls were in two pieces instead of one piece. Below is my settings im using and an image today of a box im printing that has strings all in the inside. Im using an Ender 3 V2 with Hatchbox PLA ; **CURRENT SETTINGS START** ; acceleration_enabled = True ; acceleration_infill = 2000 ; acceleration_ironing = 2000 ; acceleration_layer_0 = 500 ; acceleration_prime_tower = 500 ; acceleration_print = 500 ; acceleration_p
  6. I have two profiles I use for PLA and one shows out of printable area and the other shows within the printable area? What determines the dark lines on the print surface so I can adjust the settings? I currently using v4.8 Thanks,
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