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  1. Same here. I'm in the habit of leaving it on unless I know that I will not be using it for several days. I haven't had it forget what filament is loaded (yet), either the Ultimaker brand with the chip in the spool, or third party with the type manually entered.
  2. Mini-Mac and Micro-Mac Techie toys and conversation pieces. Yes, they both really work. Those are actual screen images of the original (M 68k) Mac Os running on them.
  3. I'm putting this in the Cura section for lack of a better section, and due to the fact that the travel path for the support material was indeed plotted using Cura. Here's something I've never seen before. Has anyone seen anything like it? Nothing appears to be wrong, just interesting. This print is the bottom part of a case which has four round 'feet' a few millimeters high on the bottom surface. As expected, only the bottoms of the feet are actually touching the build plate and the rest of the bottom surface of the print is supported by a 'raft' (for the lack of a b
  4. I've used dd for decades. However, I have not played around with the S5 enough to even know how to drop to a command prompt and beat on it at a shell level. I figure since it's working fine, it's best not to go {f-bomb}-ing with it, as in ain't broke, don't fix it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know what would be a Real Nice Thing (tm) for Ultimaker to do in the name of Good Customer Relations (tm) would be to publish some instructions on how to do just that. I for one would feel far more warm and fuzzy and more willing to upgrade if I knew that there was a safety net to let me put things back the way
  5. Is there any method to do a complete image capture of the drive prior to an upgrade attempt? Kind of like a 'ghost' image used for quick OS replication and restoral? This would allow a worst-case roll-back to a known state.
  6. Yes, gr5 pegged it! One of the people on 'another network' suggested I put a model DeLorean on a street to the left of the building, but I'm not that much of a BTTF geek. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do have another BTTF reference on the theater in a row of facades on the table edge.
  7. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's my own draft from scratch, but loosely based on any of several generic buildings of this type. Now, does anyone care to guess which specific building this one pictured below was based on? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Hint: Look at the time.) ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Small two-story office building for model railroad. Pieces were built with both the S5 and the Prusa I3.
  9. I'm very much interested in this too. I would love to have the static IP function, but with all of the horror stories of people 'bricking' their machines, I held off when the prompt appeared. I would definitely appreciate some kind of a 'safety net' in case the upgrade fails.
  10. I've found the preview to go wonky occasionally. Closing the application and restarting appears to solve it.
  11. Working model of wind turbine for O scale model railroad. Stepper motor in base, vertical shaft, gears on top. The base uses the 'fuzzy skin' function of Cura. First time I have used that for a 'production' piece.
  12. I'm really glad I held off when the upgrade notice appeared on the front panel. I thought of this true-ism: First rule of upgrades: Don't do it! Second rule of upgrades: Don't do it just yet. Even though I would like to have the static IP function, I'll wait until the 'stable' is truly stable later this year.
  13. I'm interested in hearing how it works, also about availability.
  14. Thanks. I've seen that on the Stateside Buildtak site. IIRC it's a bit spendy and they do not offer a textured sheet for theS5 size, is that correct? Where do you get a textured sheet for the magnetic mounts for the S5?
  15. I'm new to the S5. I have a Prusa Mk3S and I've also used the Taz 5 and the U-print. I love the textured bottom surface that the Prusa textured sheet gives. I'm wondering if there would be any factors precluding somehow tacking a Prusa textured sheet onto the S5 glass plate. I've measured, and although the Prusa plate is smaller, it seems to be within the area of the 'probes' that the S5 makes for bed distance when starting a print. Likewise, is there anything to preclude/prevent using those semi-reusable stick-on sheets, such as those commercially available or those
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