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  1. Been struggling for a while to get a good slice of a model that has an upper lip on it that I need to be as thin as possible (within reason). I modeled it in Fusion360 to have a uniform thickness of 0.4mm to equate to exactly one nozzle width when slicing. Using Cura v4.8 I am getting all sorts of strange behavior when it tries to slice this lip. At first with default settings (line width at 0.4) it tries to print the lip as a top/bottom surface indicated by the yellow lines in the preview as opposed to the red wall lines below the lip. Additionally it adds multiple tiny little infills in the
  2. Oh wait! just figured it out. For Windows you go to File -> Save -> Then a popup box will appear giving you a summary. Hit save on that box. and THEN you get the actual project saving dialog box that allows you to save as html! FWIW on Windows there is no "Save to..." option, so that was a little confusing based on initial instructions.
  3. I also just tried installing it direct from the marketplace hoping to export my profiles for diff-ing. I also do not have a "Save to..." option under File. Running Cura 4.4.1 on Windows 10
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