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  1. I've once hat a similar Problem...in my case my stl model was kinda weird. Maybe its because that little horizontal Level at the right front. This could also explain why there is another little bottom layer at the left front. Thinking back when I had a similar problem I found out, that my stl model had on that particular spot something like an almost invisible layer...so you might want to consider to check your model once again.
  2. I've had the same dilemma once and found a suitable solution (at least for my case). If you are using a concentric pattern the circles will still be used for the bridges. But if you enable the bridge settings you can print up to three initial bridge layers first, before the concentric pattern will be applied. That gives the circles of the concentric pattern a solid base to stick on and you should be able to print solid bridges while keeping the concentric setting.
  3. Hi, the following is a Problem i've encountered many times....When a first roof Layer begins, Cura sets the start mid air between the Infill structure. I've also included a picture. You can see that the print would not work, since the roof has nothing to stick on to. Plis help😅 (this is my first time writing in a forum btw...so excited)
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