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  1. Well, I was going to request this post be removed, but it's probably best that instead I eat some humble pie. A note to everyone: if you're having frustrations, do not hesitate to contact Ultimaker's stellar support channel directly. Turns out the issue was with a broken wire going to the sensor in the fan housing. I will be getting a new part for this but in the meantime, the fix was to solder the wires in place. Leveling works great now.
  2. How has PVA been working for UM users? We have Ultimaker PVA and it's been good when users handle it properly. We've found the key is to keep it dry and to warm it up just before using it. Otherwise, it's extremely brittle and will wreak havoc with the bowden drive. More interested in hearing how others have dissolved this material. We've used room-temperature water as well as warm water. Not too warm as to warp PLA parts, however. Still seems to take at least a day to fully dissolve from most parts.
  3. Really at the end of my rope here. This POS continually fails when trying to autolevel. It fails at either the last or next-to-last detection (out of 3 total probes) for the 2nd extruder. I have done the following: Leveled/re-leveled many times Swapped nozzles as well as installed brand new nozzles Followed advice to check the connector at the back of the head (it was fine with firm connection and no wires pulled) Besides dropping it off a tall building, what advice does anyone have to solve this problem? We've had this problem since buying the machine
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