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  1. Thanks for this idea. But for now I am looking for a G-code manipulation method.
  2. I am looking for advice how to embed a logo to the surface of a model. Many thanks!
  3. I have started to print more complex models that can require substantial supporting features (eg, blue whale with "all over" supports). Sometimes when I break out the supports it can damage a delicate feature of the model. What advice can help me out with adjusting support settings focused only in those areas? Thanks
  4. I am getting the following Octoprint error message, yet the file I am attempting to upload is indeed a .gcode file I saved after Cura slicing. (This ended up as an Octoprint issue.) Upload failed Could not upload the file. Make sure that it is a readable, valid file with one of these extensions: .g, .gco, .gcode
  5. I am relatively new to 3DP but have had some success. I've seen many of the self-help videos and read through the forums. Recently I replaced a fan, and then started to encounter a problem with adhesion (yes, don't see the connection either). Naturally I assumed it was the printer, so I spent hours re-leveling, looking at glue sticks, etc. Then it dawned on me that perhaps it wasn't me or the printer, but the file I downloaded? During the print it always seemed to fail right at a small circular unconnected high feature. So I thought perhaps I could add a brim that might increase my odd
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