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  1. That didnt seem to work either. Thank you for the suggestions though.
  2. I do apologies that model is not the right size i forgot to downscale it and then save it. what i had in the screenshot was the same thing but i rescaled the x-axis to 250mm and rotated it 45° so that it would fit on the print bed.
  3. Unfortunately activating "print thin walls" didn't work. Here is the file. Canoo.stl
  4. I have made a model of a boat in rhino6 but for some reason when I slice it in cura some parts are left out and I dont know why. I've tried to simplify the model as much as I could. But for some reason it always wants to print it, leaving out everything above a certain height and then it continues later towards the top. (as seen at the front/right)
  5. Thank you, it seems that the cylinder did extend down through the whole model and as soon as I changed that so that it stopped when it got to the top of each step it managed to fix it. (I do apologize i should have specified what modeling software i was using but the solution that i was given worked anyways)...(I was using Rhino 6) As seen by the dotted red line, i used the edges of the steps to trim the cylinder. Thank you for the help, I was stuck with this for a while, I just wanted to post the process of my solution if any other people
  6. This is the model i am trying to print but after slicing it in cura it seems to leave out some of the steps on the outside of the cylinder. It also seems to have made some strange gaps between the upper steps. There is also another model that i have made that goes on top of that one with which i had the same problem, but managed to fix it. As for the bottom piece that remains broken, I don't know how to fix the problems with the missing steps.
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