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  1. I was wrong... Apparently one cannot change the layer height independently in S3D, as the Primary Extruder dictates the layer height. I was confusing this with the ability to change extruder width and nozzle diameter independently. Pro tip with S3D: You can "lie" about the nozzle diameter and fake it pretty well.
  2. My apologies. Been pulling out what's left of my hair over this and was looking for an explanation as to why.
  3. I'm certain I was reading more into @ahoeben's response than was warranted, for which I apologize. After numerous hours and several failed prints, I sooo wanted @ahoeben's answer to explain why this isn't possible. This makes sense, as I'm not printing a simple shape. I'm printing 3 domes of varying widths, stacked face-down on the build plate (first image is just for shape reference). I've set different layer heights in Simplify3D and will reply to this thread with results. Thanks for your explanation.
  4. Why such a flippant response? I'm a little surprised that this isn't an option with Cura. I'm printing with a .6mm nozzle for nylon w/ carbon fiber, and a .4mm nozzle with VarioShore for brim and pressure-fit gaskets. I'd like to print a different temp and finer layer height with the VarioShore, while printing the nylon w/ carbon fiber at a different layer height. It should be possible with 2 different sized nozzles, and makes no sense as to why it isn't supported. It is very easy to do this with Simplify3D with Ultimaker printers.
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