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  1. Ahhhh, yesss!! the reason is that i didnt put "print thin walls" so it didnt slice it as the walls was too thin. will be making a thicker on later. Thanks for all your support and help!
  2. What is the main difference between Ultimake 3D printers compared to other brands? I want to hear some opinions. Thanks!
  3. hi! I am rather new to the topic of 3d printing. I completed a project to cover my token that i have on fusion 360. However, when i tried to slice it with the newest version of cura (4.9.1), it did not slice the curved part. Could someone help me resolve this issue? If your managed to, please tell me what was the problem, and the solution to it. Also, send me the file that you had sliced. Thank you very much!!Joel_trace.stl
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