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  1. Arrgh... it's been so long since I've made anything with blender.... I often had to recalculate normals. And still did not get the idea that it is because of it. Now it works... thank you 🙂
  2. The cube itself has a side length of 2.5 cm. The text currently has a depth of 0.5 mm. However, I had already tried a depth of 1 mm, which led to the same result. If I rotate the cube by 90 degrees around the Y-axis, so that the upper side of the cube is no longer on top, it is cut correctly. However, the text that is ultimately at the top or bottom is never cut correctly. text_cube.stl
  3. Hi, I've recently started working with 3d printing and have created a small object in Blender, which I'm trying to print using cura (printer: anycubic i3 mega s). It is a simple cube which has text on each side. In Blender and Cura the object is displayed correctly. However, in the preview version, the top and bottom of the object are not labeled. - So far, the slicing with Cura has worked smoothly and I am now a bit puzzled why it simply omits the font.
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