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  1. Hi all, I am having the same problem with Cura but I don’t use second monitors. BUT I do have the laptop with Cura running connected to another laptop on my network. Since reading this thread, I tried Cura on the first laptop while the second lap top was shut down and Cura worked fine. Haven’t tested further yet but thought it worth adding my two bits to the discussion
  2. my printer is operating as it should. Greg, I bow to your superior knowledge even if you are a youngster.
  3. I knew it wasn't as simple as I thought but I do follow you and will make the adjustments Just for your information, I am 83 years old and still learning new tricks although I am slower than I used to be..Thanks again and I now know where to go to for "expert" help. Bill A
  4. Hi Greg, yes it prints further into the plate, not the middle but far enough in for my purposes. Shouldn't the printer use the 255mm range of the printer to come up with something like 125 for the centre and similarly for the Y centre?
  5. Thanks, I thought it was a simple problem but not that simple!!! I will try again and let you know.
  6. Hi Greg, Thanks for the very prompt reply. I can follow your reasoning but not sure what I have to do to correct the problem. There are boxes to set Min X, Max X, Min Y & Max Y in the prenter settings but no guidance on how to set them. Can I change these To correct the maths and deselect the Origin at Centre box to reset everything.
  7. My A20M printer won't print in centre of plate after slicing with Cura. It Starts printing at x=0 & y=0 and only prints one quarter segment of model. If I print the g code of the sample model supplied with the printer it prints in the centre of the plate perfectly. If I locate the model at the far right corner of the Cura platform before slicing, the printer prints the model approx centre of printer plate. Any suggestions?
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