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  1. gr5, Torgeir; Thanks for your comments and help. I have downloaded the Arachne Engine Beta and voila! It does print single walls on my part. Wow that is amazing. I have to adjust a few things but overall it does what I wanted it to do. I can now print models that has internal features as well as perfect thin walls. Thanks again 🙂 Al
  2. Hi All, I have tried to print single wall with CURA for a while now. I have managed to get some results but using the surface mode and designing parts using Fusion 360 surface mode as I have failed to get CURA to print my 0.4 mm walls with a single pass. I have recently bought Simplify 3D and I have to say it prints single walls without any issue. All I had to do set 'External Thin Wall Type' setting to 'Allow single extrusion walls' and the print came out amazing. I have printed the same part as per the attached file 'head2.3mf' Filament: Verbatim Printer Sidewinder X1 Settings: CURA---- VERSION 4.10.0 Profile: Standard quality Wall line width 0.4 Print Thin walls : Checked SIMPLIFY3D - VERSION 4.1 Profile; Artilery Sidewinder External Thin Wall Type' setting to 'Allow single extrusion walls' I have also attached two pictures showing the weight difference. Surely Cura part is much heavier than the Simplify3d one. Also the finish is much nicer on Simplify3d. Can you please help me. I am sure there is a way to print this part in CURA but I am missing something I guess. Head2.3mf
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