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  1. I wonder if Im barking up the wrong tree. Doing a Cura temperature tower from its extensions where you have to enter various temps by using changeatz post processing. What Ive been doing is assuming that a sliced view progress control on right is moving by layers so working on each area of the tower layers were appromately 44 each for this particular temp tower and each point of temp change. There seems no switch for height with this control or am I doing it all wrong, but getting the right result?
  2. I understand you cant remove the default materials list, but I simply want to remove Generic PETG as shown below. Surely this is possible?
  3. Excellent and fully understood. That is what I thought. It makes sense to keep each project file eg like you say one for handle another for inserts, in the same directory then all is tickety boo. Thanks again. Al.
  4. Different materials so separate prints. Appreciate reply the skirt info I didnt know as well. In this jar opener (project) the handles were tricky to fit to bed, and several inserts, so have a rethink that I dont want to move the handle out of the frame, but the inserts being outside are fine. As I see it, the project saves current layout only, but I desire to keep the handle layout, as a (fixed) file. Do I need to make several projects eg handle project & inserts project, so I can go back to same handle layout, or is there another method? Thanks, Al.
  5. Greetings Im new to this. Can anyone advise, is it OK to leave additional components outside of the build area or are there downsides to this? My reasoning is build the first item, then move it out of the way then move and build the second item? Thanks vm. Al.
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