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  1. I was able to add it through the resources and definitions now. thankfully. Something must be really wrong with 5.2.2. I had multiple file issues.
  2. oh yay! that worked. I got 5.1.1 and got my svo4 in there now too!
  3. I can't find a download for 5.1. when I go to the page the only one I can download is 5.2.1. anyone know of a link?
  4. Same files as before, yup. i have restarted cura multiple times. it works on my windows computer, has worked on my mac before and now isn't. is there a way to go back to 5.1 or 5? seems like all my problems started with 5.2.1
  5. Im on mac. An it should be in content, resources,share, cura, resources, definitions. thats where all the printers are. but when you paste one in there, it isn't showing up in cura for me. it used to, but not anymore.
  6. Thanks! I just deleted and reinstalled. Didn't install any plugins and now it is working. thank you!
  7. I have a sovol SV04, which isn't in Cura. I have taken the definitions and extruders Jsons and put them in their folders. When I restart everything it still isn't there as a printer. Now I have done this before and it worked fine. I have confirmed the files are in the folders, but it isn't popping up in Cura as an option to add as a printer. Any idea?
  8. I am trying to add a new printer in cura. when I go to add a printer it only shows me the printers I already have. see the screen shot below. I deleted and reinstalled cura. still the same. I was trying to go back to 5 and try that but I cant find it. I am on a mac as well and running 5.2.1 of cura.
  9. I am on a mac. they dont show up on the mac but since cura 5.2.1 they show up on my printer...
  10. Hello Everyone. Every since updating cura to 5.2.1 I am having 2 files show up on my memory card after saving a sliced file. One is the name of the file ( 123test.gcode) the other is ._123test.gcode. If i try to print the ._123test.gcode, it will just complete the file right away. the other file prints fine. When browsing through my memory card on the computer, those files aren't there, but they show up on the printers menu when going to print. any idea?
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