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Printer will not extrude using feeder

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I recently purchased an Ultimaker 2 and unfortunately the nozzle became blocked during an overnight print. This resulted in a build-up of residue (carbonized plastic) in the nozzle. I tried cleaning the nozzle but was unable to get it sufficiently clean.

Instead I disassembled the hot-end and replaced it with the "Olsson block kit" (replaceable nozzle kit). During assembly, I watched this video:

I noticed that the Ultimaker in the video had no bent plate protecting the back of the printer head. Mine does, and I had to bend this to fit the heater and temp sensor cables without damaging them. See image: http://i.imgur.com/O2OMSn5.jpg

Now the hot-end heats up okay, and I can feed plastic through it manually if I remove the bowden tube, but I cannot get it to print using the feeder. It seems it takes a bit too much force to get the printer to move material through the nozzle, even if I change the pressure setting on the feeder, it cannot extrude any plastic.

Does anyone have suggestions on what steps to take?

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Nothing comes out?

It must block somewhere, probably at the entrance of the Teflon, did you make sure that the bowden is well entered in the Teflon?

When you help the feeder to push the filament does it help?

Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, you are correct. If I help the feeder by pushing (quite hard) I am able to push filament through! I also made sure the bowden went all the way in the teflon, so I do not think that this is the problem.

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