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Negative skirt ?


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Posted · Negative skirt ?

Just noticed that Cura when slicing big models (190mm x 190mm), generates negative coordinates for the skirt, this results in the Z cooridinate not being set and the first layer printed "in the air"



G1 X-1.874 Y4.965 Z0.2 F9000.0

G1 X-1.807 Y196.797 F900.0 E3.5093

G1 X1.318 Y200.753 E3.6015

G1 X4.965 Y201.874 E3.6713

G1 X197.259 Y201.806 E7.189

G1 X201.806 Y197.259 E7.3067

G1 X201.874 Y4.965 E10.8244

G1 X200.753 Y1.318 E10.8942

G1 X196.797 Y-1.807 E10.9864

G1 X4.965 Y-1.874 E14.4957

G1 X1.734 Y-0.881 E14.5575

G1 X-0.881 Y1.734 E14.6252

G1 X-1.874 Y4.965 E14.687


Simpel fix is of cause just to edit the .gcode file and change the negative X value to 0.

Is this on purpose ?


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    Posted · Negative skirt ?

    I am having the issue that the skirt seems to extrude too much. The print itself prints at the right thickness, but the skirt just oozes out. This wouldn't be a problem if on the second round of the skirt the extruder didn't strip itself trying to print on this thick layer. I noticed that the small herringbone gear that I have was tightened too tight and that the nut is pulling through the plastic, so I ordered a set of spur gears from shapeways. But I don't think that is the main problem, I think it is somewhere in the settings.

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