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Cura - Moving Z down after cancelling a print. Possible?

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Hi guys, I have a fresh Ultimaker here and Cura was working quite fine for my first tests.

But I was cancellings the prints often because something was wrong. Then I always had to move down the z-axis by hand. Is there another way?

In the beginning I used Repetier Host. There are all the options to move everything on the ultimaker. Are there options like this in Cura?

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After canceling you can jog the Z axes with the jog menu (or just the Z buttons if you use PrintRun)

Not sure what you mean by "move", if you mean moving objects around on the bed, the "machine center" settings do this. Not very userfriendly, working on that.

If you mean placing multiple objects on a single print, checkout the project planner. (It's in the file menu of normal mode)

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Just tried Printrun - when I try to connect (Com3@115200) I get this message:


án|Hn³6ba8&HjÈ(P|H.ëH&Dm¨MÁgJÄZäzŽÿzŽJŽJÿ{ˆ8ñ:f©kHŠ$P|þ%ÿ%þ%h%ˆxñé+^>JЩ jOXé+^>xñJ„jâAHJàAHJp|IÐ6Xokh¬4ä&H'óHI†&(N~XñJ„zbŽjüJˆJˆ*ÿŽ


Any idea how to fix that?

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