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stopped again ??

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hi guys.

im back home and just tried to print some thing small with my ultimaker.

i put it together with cura and onto ds card.

Placed my ultimaker in another room with direct mains electricitiy, so clean power.

printed for 5 minutes, then the ultimaker just stopped..... the temperature slimbed down, the ulticontroller said SLEEP and then the progress bar counted up to 100 percent, when it got to 100 percent, the hot end moved back to the home start position.

i only got 5 percent of my model ??

what is going on here guys.

i really have no clue whats causing this ???

please help.

thank you.


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ok restarted the printer with new fresh gcode.

printer started, clicked on ulticontroller start print.

started for 1 second, then the screen said SLEEP, temp starting going down from 210 and also the progress bar clicked up until 100 percent and then hot end back to home...

huuuuu ???

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ok printed again.

20 minutes and bang...

i notices after printing slow at 60, which with my normal printer, makes no heat for the stepper motors, is creating massive heat in my stepper motors at home..

this could be knocking the whole thing out maybe ???

should i lower the voltage to the steppers ?


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Your thermocouple board connector is lose, on the PCB side or on the HEAD size. This causes the "SLEEP" message and a full stop of the printer.

Hi Daid.

if this is the problem and i can solve it this evening after work, I would be really really greatful.

I have a small surprise project that I want to give to a friend tomorrow evening and it would be cool to have a working printer.


Ian :D

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All was well with my UM, several layers of the current job put down and a few hours to go. So, I turned out the light and left my UM to do its job. I came back a couple of hours later to find it asleep on the job! Knowing that I had seen this symptom before, I found this thread and checked my connections. Sure enough, the thermocouple plug on top of the hot end assembly was about half out of the receptacle. I pushed the plug back in and used a small blunt tool to also push each of the terminals in the plug all the way down. It became clear that I probably had not put the stress relief portion together correctly as it would hold the plug down if it were flipped over. Unfortunately, I will need to disassemble the hot end upper assembly to flip that over as it has a nut on the inside. Hopefully this will help someone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.


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