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Cura 15.06.03 - Not Slicing or Calculating or Saving

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Posted · Cura 15.06.03 - Not Slicing or Calculating or Saving

Yesterday Cura was working fine, however today it is not working...

- Models Loads correctly and shows in solid view.

- However, Cure then does not calculate

- Layer view is blank (sometimes shows blank layers 0-11)

- Save button is grayed out

I have tried reinstalling, restating and various models including models I have previously printed successfully.

Engine log is blank in Help > show engine log...

Similar Posts have indicated that it is an antivirus issue on CuraEngine , but this appears to have installed correctly and Cura was working correctly until today so I do not think it is an install issue?

In User>App Data> Local > Cura > Curalog

2016-01-18 12:44:43,083 - INFO - Loaded plugin FileLogger

2016-01-18 12:44:43,224 - INFO - Loaded plugin LocalFileStorage

2016-01-18 12:44:43,231 - INFO - Loaded plugin LayerView

2016-01-18 12:44:43,242 - INFO - Loaded plugin MeshView

2016-01-18 12:44:43,253 - INFO - Loaded plugin WireframeView

2016-01-18 12:44:43,258 - INFO - Loaded plugin OBJReader

2016-01-18 12:44:43,260 - INFO - Loaded plugin STLReader

2016-01-18 12:44:43,265 - INFO - Loaded plugin STLWriter

2016-01-18 12:44:43,269 - INFO - Loaded plugin GCodeWriter

2016-01-18 12:44:43,277 - INFO - Loaded plugin CameraTool

2016-01-18 12:44:43,284 - INFO - Loaded plugin MirrorTool

2016-01-18 12:44:43,297 - INFO - Loaded plugin RotateTool

2016-01-18 12:44:43,305 - INFO - Loaded plugin ScaleTool

2016-01-18 12:44:43,313 - INFO - Loaded plugin SelectionTool

2016-01-18 12:44:43,321 - INFO - Loaded plugin TranslateTool

2016-01-18 12:44:43,333 - INFO - Checking for new version of cura

2016-01-18 12:44:43,333 - INFO - Loaded plugin UpdateChecker

2016-01-18 12:44:43,353 - INFO - Loaded plugin USBPrinting

2016-01-18 12:44:43,363 - INFO - Loaded plugin CuraEngineBackend

2016-01-18 12:44:44,099 - DEBUG - Loaded theme C:/Program Files (x86)/Cura_15.06.03/resources/themes/cura

2016-01-18 12:44:49,494 - DEBUG - Loaded a mesh with 199773 vertices

Any idea whats going wrong, advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Posted · Cura 15.06.03 - Not Slicing or Calculating or Saving

To add to the mystery, I uninstalled the version 15.06.03 and downloaded and installed various versons of 15.10. From:


Win 64 Nov 1st version - The model is perpetually slicing (even really tiny models)

Win 64 Nov 17th version - The issue is the same as described in the original post

Could there be some user setting that is being brought to the different versions?

Further experimenting on a different computer using the same stl files and 15.06.03 versions of Cura have worked. Which makes me think the issue is something local?

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Posted (edited) · Cura 15.06.03 - Not Slicing or Calculating or Saving

So I kept fiddling around and have found a solution that appears to have worked:

With the win 64 Nov 17th Cura Version installed

-Close Cura

- Delete all files in:  C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\cura

- Restart Computer

-Re-Open Cura

Then hopefully it should work!

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