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*solved* Can't talk to UMO/Arduino

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Posted (edited) · *solved* Can't talk to UMO/Arduino

Edit: This post now serves as guide for others with the same problem. Skip down for solution

Hi all,

Today I wanted to check for firmware updates/reload firmware to get default accelerations values(in case that was causing the print trouble). I also wanted to level my bed using Cura.

But, couldn't connect to printer. My computer made the hardware connected sound, it shows in device manager, but my UMO never did the Bzzzt + white squares routine it does when connected over USB. Tried multiple computers, multiple cables, different Cura versions, nothing. Troubleshooting pages on the site suggested taking Arduino off the shield. Didn't help either.

The Arduino Mega 2560 (COM3) shows in Device monitor. Uninstalled drivers, reinstalled using Cura.

Went for manual firmware upload through Arduino IDE, it sees COM3, it recognizes Arduino Mega 2560, but when uploading, error:

avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\\.\COM3": The device is not connected.

avrdude: ser_drain(): read error: The handle is invalid.

The thing is, my printer actually still "works". But I just want it to be able to talk to my computer. I know I can level using other ways, but for firmware updates, Protoface UI testing etc etc.

I searched the forum, and the internet, found different topics of people who seem to have bricked their Arduino, but nothing similar. Help!



Ofcourse a minute later I find this post with some random procedure that works.... I suspect somehow somewhere something was mysteriously also occupying COM3. HOWEVER, it was also the case on my laptop, which makes me think it was something inside the Arduino. Though I have no clue what it could be. Anyway, I followed the procedure and picked a high number @ step 8. Now Cura talked to the Arduino and I could upload firmware etc.

1. device manager

2. select ports

3. select port of arduino board examle : com1 ... com3 whatever it is

4. right click on com.

5. select properties

6. tab- port settings

7. click advanced

8. com port number- select new port number that is not in use.

9. confirm..

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